NeoXrm offers solutions to improve user experience and productivity in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Neo Security Viewer

Neo Security Viewer gives Dynamics 365 admins full view of Security Roles and Entity Access Priviliges assigned to users and teams.
With a few clicks, you can have 360° view of Security Role details and currently assigned Users and Teams, what users and teams can access to. Learn more...

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Neo Plugin

Create Dynamics 365 plugins without going through Visual Studio code development and using plugin registration tool. All you need to create a plugin is in one form. Type your execution script by using variables and rich built-in functions, add triggers with few clicks on the same page. It is that simple. And it is FREE.
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Neo Editable Grid

NeoGrid is a tool to generate editable grids which enable users to create, delete and edit multiple records in Excel format and save them all with a single click. By using NeoGrid, not only the fields in the current record, but also related entity fields can be edited in one screen. It supports editing up to three level child records. Learn more...

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